About Us

MAXIMATOR UK is a leading supplier of high-pressure, testing, hydraulic, pneumatic and gas systems, complimented by a vast range of high pressure components.

Maximator UK has greatly increased it's capabilities and is looking to the future with the emphasis on developing new products for new markets, and much more.

Founded in 2002 as Maxiflo Technologies, the company quickly established itself as a dedicated Maximator partner for the UK and Ireland.

In 2015, the company relocated, and the team expanded with pressure systems experts. Since then the business has grown from being a successful distributor to a key systems manufacturer for a wide range of applications.

Maximator UK now has greatly increased capabilities:

  • Equipment service
  • System design and manufacture
  • Full Gas injection Moulding offering
  • Hydrogen transfer
  • Becker high pressure compressors
  • Multi gas capability
  • Automation expertise

Based in Winsford, Cheshire, the Maximator UK team is made up of experts with vast experience and detailed knowledge of high pressure systems.

From a simple high pressure fitting, to the best gas boosters in the world; from our highly accurate motorised needle valves to a fully automated four bay test facility, trust the Maximator team to offer world leading solutions

Innovative Solutions

We are a multi-disciplinary team and are able to take on projects many would find difficult to handle, without the need to rely on subcontractors. 

This improves the integration of solutions and our ability to support systems in the field.

Quality Unsurpassed

All our pumps, boosters, valves and fittings are made by Maximator in Germany, meaning fewer leaks, fewer problems and long, reliable service.

Proud to be part of the global Maximator family of partners.