Automated Test Systems

Pressure Test Consoles – Testing to 7000bar (101,500psi) – Liquid and 2,500 bar (36,250psi) – Gas

Main Benefits

  • Able to cover all customer testing requirements

  • Reduces overall test time

  • Able to clean to Nas 6 or better with builtin cleanliness monitoring

  • Compatibility to suit customer needs

  • Flexible options to tailor the test system to customers exact needs

  • Reduced Operator intervention whilst in Auto mode to allow for increased productivity

  • Test performance / certificates available with real time data for improved traceability

Main Features

  • Test pressures up to:

  • 7,000 bar(101,000psi) – Liquid

  • 2,500 bar(36,250psi) – Gas

  • Fast Pre-Fill 18 l/min @ 400 bar

  • Flushing option available

  • Wide range of Test Fluids / Gases

  • Wide range of design options available

  • Automatic control

  • Impulse testing option

  • Full data acquisition package available

  • Ability to work a number of test consoles from a tablet


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