Gas Injection Moulding

Maximator Gas Injection equipment is widely used within the plastics processing industry to improve product quality and significantly reduce costs. 

What is Assisted Injection Moulding?

The systems are used to inject gas or liquid at high pressure into plastic during the moulding process. This cores out a section of the part, leaving hollow areas within them. This reduces the part weight and can provide much better distribution of packing pressure and eliminate sink marks. Gas can also be applied to the surface of a plastic part to replace moulding machine packing pressure with a uniform gas packing pressure, eliminating sink marks and reducing clamping force and often leaking to lower part weight and cycle time. 

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Gas Injection Controllers: RM350

Equipment Description/Summary

RM350 is for making a highly repeatable cycling pressure profile for a gas injection moulding process. A nitrogen gas supply is required, either from an external high pressure source or from a standard nitrogen gas bottle when the controller is equipped with a gas booster. A simple interface is connected to the moulding machine to pick up a signal when the moulding machine starts to inject material. The RM350 then uses this signal to accurately sequence the gas pressure. RM350 can be used with any moulding machine.

The Control valves of the RM350 Series are designed for the precise injection of nitrogen for Assisted Injection Molding processes up to 350 bar. Valves used in these gas controllers are high quality direct acting electro-magnetic valves.

Because of the modular design, the RM350 Series can be equipped with an air driven Maximator gas booster as an option. This allows the nitrogen supply from standard nitrogen gas bottles.

Furthermore, the RM350 Series can be equipped with core control packs including controls for hydraulic cores to operate overspill pins or valve gates. This option is available as signals only or with integrated 2 or 4 valve hydraulic power pack.

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