Maximator Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generators use a workshop air supply to generate high purity nitrogen, which can then be utilised as it is at around 5 Bar (72psi) or coupled with one of our compressor systems to generate an in-house high pressure nitrogen supply. Nitrogen generators are normally supplied with an air dryer to condition the air prior to it being passed through the system to generate nitrogen. This protects the generator media.

Options available for nitrogen generators include:

  1. G300 – Capable of delivering 18 Nm3/hr (250 lpm) of Nitrogen at purities up to 99.5%

  2. G600 – Capable of delivering over 30 Nm3/hr (500 lpm) of Nitrogen at purities of up to 99.5%.

  3. High purity versions delivering purity up to 99.99%

  4. Systems with integrated boosters for 27 Bar (400 psi)

  5. Systems with integrated compressors for 350 Bar (5000 psi)

  6. Systems for high pressure up to 2400 Bar (34,500 psi)

Accessories include inline Oxygen level monitoring.

Presenting our new G600 Nitrogen generator. We have 25 years’ experience with Nitrogen Generators and this is our best yet! It includes a brand new controller with a colour touch screen to provide visualisation of the status and setup of the unit.
Also, for the first time, Nitrogen purity is shown on the screen as standard. Alarms for Air Pressure and Nitrogen purity can be set, and the operating pressure can be managed from the screen.
Maximator use only German sourced Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) and all units are assembled and tested in our factory in Cheshire.
In this configuration, we include air filtration and a dryer to protect the CMS, and 360 litres of gas storage with cascading for even mixing of the gas.

Sample Screen View
Model Shown G300
Model Shown G600

Maximator UK Nitrogen Generator Column Outputs

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Flow Based Upon % Purity Of Nitrogen Gas
ModelColumn SizeNo of Column PairsFlow95%96%97%98%99%99.5%99.9%99.95%

High Pressure N2 Generator Systems


 Capable of delivering up to 10 Nm3/hr (160 Nlpm) of Nitrogen at purities of up to 99/5% against pressure of up to 30 Bar.


Capable of delivering up to 18 Nm3/hr (250 lpm) of Nitrogen at purities of up to 99.5% against pressure of up to 350 Bar.


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