Testing As A Service

If it’s pressure, we do it! We pressure test, cycle test, burst test, hydrotest, autofrettage; we test at low temperature and high temperature. We test.

Maximator has extensive testing capabilities, from simple hydrotest and pressure calibration to advanced pressure cycling and even burst testing. Services are carried out at Maximator’s UK factory in Winsford, Cheshire, and at its dedicated test facility in Nordhausen, Germany, with 700 square metres of indoor and outdoor space and testing equipment.


◦ 1 bar – 18,000 bar


◦ 1 cm3 – 300,000 cm3

◦ 0.001 l – 300 l


◦ -40 °C up to +200 °C

• frequency / load cycle

◦ 0.001 Hz – 25 Hz

◦ 0.5 lc/min – 10 lc/min

Maximator Forschung Entwicklung Service – Maxifes

(Research and Development service.)