Maximator UK offers you innovative high-pressure solutions – from fittings up to modular gas compressor systems.
Maximator’s Hydrogen division develops products specifically for Hydrogen, including refuelling solutions, valves, fittings and tubing, gas boosters and test equipment. 
MAXIMATOR high pressure boosters are suitable for the oil free compression of gases and air. Industrial gases like Argon, Helium, Hydrogen and Nitrogen can be compressed.
MAXIMATOR High-pressure Pumps are driven by air or noble gas pressures between 1 bar and 10 bar.
MAXIMATOR valves, fittings and tubing are suitable for different media and operating pressures up to 10,500 bar.
HIMAX valves are stepper motor driven versions of many of our high pressure valves. Great for automation.

A complete range of enquipment for gas (N2 and CO2) and water injection moulding, including Gas generation, nozzles and accessories.

Maximator UK Nitrogen Generators are designed to allow users to utilise their workshop air supply to generate high purity nitrogen with standard pressures up to 350 Bar.

Pneumatically driven liquid pump units, with and without tank, for high pressure testing applications. These systems are the perfect solution for in-house pressure testing and with their compact design are easy to relocate on short notice.

MAXIMATOR PLV series Air Amplifiers are suitable for the compression of pressurised air or nitrogen.
MAXIMATOR UK successfully develops complex systems in high-pressure and testing technology, hydraulics and pneumatics and has been the market leader in these segments for decades. 

Maximator’s new LGP range of pumps are available in a range of sizes and pressures and can be specified with flame arresters, for total flexibility when using flammable compounds.

Heavy duty, reciprocating compressors designed for use in high demand industrial environments. These can be supplied as standalone units or incorporated into larger bespoke systems for a wide range of applications.

ScanWill’s range of hydraulic pressure intensifiers covers most fluids and includes solutions for low, medium and high-pressure ranges and variable flows. These intensifiers are available in cast iron, steel and stainless steel. Maximator UK are proud to be a distributor for ScanWill in the UK.

Recover valuable H2 and Helium for re-use

Assembly and Repair Tools for Pumps, Boosters and Air Amplifiers

Maximator has extensive testing capabilities, from simple hydrotest and pressure calibration to advanced pressure cycling and even burst testing. Services are carried out at Maximator’s UK factory in Winsford, Cheshire, and at its dedicated test facility in Nordhausen, Germany, with 700 square metres of indoor and outdoor space and testing equipment.