RM 350.01.23 Download - 25/03/21

Please only use this download if you have been advised by us to do so. When you have finished, if the software update has been successful you will see “RM350.01.23” as the version number on the main screen.

Download the zip file here (opens in a new window). Click the down arrow at the top to download).

Unzip the files in the zip files to a USB memory stick with nothing else on it. Be sure to preserve the folder structure.

See instructions on how to use the USB stick to update the software on your machine.  Make sure you see the instructions at the bottom of the page about how to get an unlock code.

Note: This version has been tested successfully on  a production unit on 24 March 2021.

What’s new in this version?

  • Added Inerting functionality

    • Inerting function takes place before each cycle when the mould closed signal is received by the gas controller. N2 gas is injected into the empty mould to dispel oxygen. This can help with surface finish and oxidation issues.

    • Inerting function is turned on via the Maximator setup page

    • Inputs for the Inerting function appear on the Valve Screen, just below the Clean Settings

    • Parameters:

      • Cycles – How many mould closed cycles occur before Inerting occurs (0 = inerting off)

      • P – Sets the pressure of the Inerting

      • T – Sets the amount of time the Inerting happens for