Repairs & Returns

How To Start A Return

If you decide to send your Maximator product to us for service/repair please could you make sure the unit is sent to our works in Winsford at the address shown to the right, along with this form completed as much as possible to help our service engineer swiftly diagnose faults.

Please ensure that the unit is suitably packages for transport and (if applicable) has had all harmful fluids removed from the unit prior to shipment.

What to expect?

Once we receive your Maximator product, it will be checked in and one of our experienced service engineers will evaluate it. We then use this information to provide an estimated cost & lead time which we would agree with you prior to any further work commencing. 

If the costs are agreed we will then complete the work. If you do not wish to proceed with the work a charge for labour would apply for the evaluation. Hourly labour cost is currently £86.25. 

The overhaul of your Maximator product at our works is always orientated to the best cost-benefit ratio. We create transparent costs for you and give tangible facts to allow you to make the best decisions going forward. 

The repairs and maintenance are done with great care and according to the quality guidelines for new equipment. The many years of experience gained by our qualified employees and the original Maximator spare parts guarantee the optimum repair. 

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