Hydrogen Compressors For Integrators


The new X-TOWER technology offers an efficient way of Hydrogen compression for refuelling small fleet.

The X-TOWER solution is based on our Electro-Hydraulic Booster (EHB) Series with all the advantages of the efficiency and flexibility of Maximator’s state of the art gas compressor for hydrogen refuelling applications.

The X-TOWER is designed for integration in existing systems and covers nearly all requirements.

The interface connection is reduced to a minimum. All other modules for safe and efficient compression can be
supplied as an option if not already integrated. Web-based access to the control system offers independent
control from your mobile PC or smartphone.

With the X-Tower you are planning the future. Our solution can be adapted to new challenges by changing, adding or removing X-Modules.

The Maximator X-TOWER is a modular Gas Compression System, specifically designed for Hydrogen compression up to 900 bar with scalable volume flow.

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Maximum safety

If you are interested in a quotation for one of our X-Tower Systems, please click on the button below, or get in contact with our office

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