High Pressure Gas Compressor Units

Heavy duty, reciprocating compressors designed for use in high demand industrial environments. These can be supplied as standalone units or incorporated into larger bespoke systems for a wide range of applications. There are a number of options available for these systems which are shown below. Following the links to the individual pages will provide more details information on the selected compressor.

VP Compressors

Data Sheets (Click the link below)

Also referred to as VP15. 15 Nm3/hr (250 Nlpm) up to 350 bar.

Also referred to as VP30. 30 Nm3/hr (500 Nlpm) from 6 bar inlet to 350 bar outlet

Twin compressor version. Automatic changeover on fault and after user controlled intervals

Four stage reciprocating air cooled compressor. 120 Nm3/hr (2,000 Nlpm) at 350 bar.


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