November 2021

First H2 Project

We are proud to be involved in this great new project to deliver green refuelling capability at Mira’s world class facility in Nuneaton. Maximator’s contribution is MAX Compression, our Hydrogen compression technology, and MAX RECAB, a manifold system to allow connection to storage systems. Read more about the project on MIRA’s website, and watch their exciting video below.

Maximator UK Completes Extreme Temperature Testing System

Last week saw this containerised test system leaving Maximator UK for its new home. This system is a fully automatic cyclic test system for testing up to three high pressure vessels with high pressure air at up to 450 Bar. It can also cool down to -50°C and heat up to +80°C.

While it looks like an unassuming blue sea container, its contents are pretty high-tech” said Maximator UK Sales Manager Peter Watts. “You can program in test profiles, load and save them, and the system produces and logs data for analysis”.

Maximator’s Jon Butler added “This was a real technical challenge for us, and -50 is not easy to achieve, but the work has been worthwhile. This is a real achievement for the Maximator UK team”.

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Maximator UK’s First Road Trip Since Lockdown.

Jon, Craig and Peter spent most of last week at Maximator’s Global headquarters in Nordhausen, Germany, getting to grips with the firm’s latest Hydrogen refuelling technologies.

Spending time at each of Maximator’s three factories in the town, they were able to meet up with colleagues for the first time since the beginning of 2020!

“Maximator has undergone an intensive program of development and now has a leading position in hydrogen technologies” said Jon Butler. “There is a lot to learn, but it is clear we have a very comprehensive offering for refilling vehicles and storage facilities with hydrogen across the range”. 

Technical Chief Craig McAfee added “This really is an impressive organisation focused on Hydrogen compression. Within the next few quarters, we will have capacity to build more than 100 refuelling stations per year, with an integrated first line support team monitoring telemetry from every station.”

Gallery (above) shows images of the Maximator factories in Nordhausen