We love it when an old friend comes to visit!

This old booster station arrived at Maximator UK for a full service and condition.

This booster dates back to 2005, but now has a new lease of life, having been succesfully serviced by Tom, and is back up and running again like new.

A Quick Boost For Pressure Testing

These four new compact gas booster stations are headed out to a large customer for marine pressure testing applications.

Rugged and simple to use, they are good for gas testing up to 600 Bar.

Contact us for all testing needs, whether gas, fluid, simple or automated.

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Service For Maximator Pumps And Boosters

Upgraded service facility ready for action.

The Maximator UK Team has been busy updating its service capabilities with an investment in a dedicated service area. Equipped with new air and high pressure gas compressor systems, and with fluid supply and test equipment, our technicians are able to effectively and safely service all Maximator pumps boosters and valves. Maximator technicians will test and verify condition in order to provide costs for service, and will perform final tests and provide service reports.

Available for all Maximator components, including for Oxygen and Hydrogen.
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Maximator 4 Outlet Gas Booster Station Seals the deal

Maximator 4 outlet gas booster station seals the deal – 

Our customer has 4 labs where they stress their gaskets – at the first step to 20 MPa and then up to 160 MPa.

The test involves load and unload stress levels in increments of 20 MPa each time to a maximum of 160 MPa during which time at each stress stage the test is required to top up back to 160 bar when necessary.

The test is set to run for 3 hours per step using 200bar(g) Grade A Helium.

Maximator were approached to provide a system to feed each of the 4 labs with sufficient gas and maximise the usage of the supply bottles. And this is the result.

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Gas Booster Stations

Maximator UK’s Portable Gas Booster Stations are a robust answer to solving your gas transfer or pressure testing needs – The MAXIMATOR high pressure boosters are suitable for the oil free compression of gases and air. Industrial gases like Argon, Helium, Hydrogen and Nitrogen can be compressed
to operating pressures of 2,100 bar (30,000 psi), Oxygen to 350 bar (5,075 psi).
See our range of Gas Booster Stations HERE

New catalog: gas booster and air amplifier up to 2400 bar

Our new catalog gas booster and air amplifier is here – for the first time including extensive information on the selection and use of the products.

The catalog now enables application-oriented product selection, which has been significantly simplified by the new design and the revised classification of the product groups. In terms of content, the catalog is presented with the latest application information. It offers a detailed selection guide and also includes the portfolio of air amplifier stations.

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