October 2022

Vacuum Filling Cart

Minimum Pressure? Yes, we can do that too!!

Maximator is well known for it’s “Maximum Pressure” strap line, but now the Winsford based Maximator UK team has turned their skills to this vacuum filling and testing unit.

Designed to fill and test sub sea valve actuators under vacuum.

While it seems a long way from the “Maximum Pressure” heritage, it also has two Maximator M Pumps for pressure testing.

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Maximator 4 Outlet Gas Booster Station Seals the deal

Maximator 4 outlet gas booster station seals the deal – 

Our customer has 4 labs where they stress their gaskets – at the first step to 20 MPa and then up to 160 MPa.

The test involves load and unload stress levels in increments of 20 MPa each time to a maximum of 160 MPa during which time at each stress stage the test is required to top up back to 160 bar when necessary.

The test is set to run for 3 hours per step using 200bar(g) Grade A Helium.

Maximator were approached to provide a system to feed each of the 4 labs with sufficient gas and maximise the usage of the supply bottles. And this is the result.

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LGP – Liquified Gas Pumps

The Liquified Gas Pump Best Practice Guide supports our new range of pumps for liqufied gas aimed at refrigerant applications.

Maximator’s new LGP range of pumps has been released by the global high pressure leader. These pumps are available in a range of sizes and pressures and, for the first time, can be specified with flame arresters, for total flexibility when using flammable compounds.

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GFS Factory Acceptance Test

New Hydrogen system put through its paces for a prestigious UK customer.

Maximator UK’s Jon Butler was in Germany last week carrying out the factory acceptance test of the new GFS9000 three stage Hydrogen refilling station, before delivery of it to a big customer in the UK. “It’s smooth, quiet and efficient. Just what you would expect from Maximator!”, enthused Butler. “This is next-level: The drive is servo-hydraulic, with inverter drives and it has turned out to be even more efficient than we thought”.

Maximator has versions of the system that run up to 900 Bar and 10kg/hr, with a special version for integrators.

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