August 2022

Maximator Coning And Threading VFT Toolboxx

The MAXIMATOR VFT-ToolBoXX is a threading and coning tool kit in a handy organiser case. Keep all your coning and threading kit organised and ready for action.
The ToolBoXX is available in 3 versions:
1. Complete:
Includes tools to cone and thread 1/4“, 3/8“ and 9/16“ Medium, High and Ultra High Pressure tubes
2. Medium Pressure:
Includes tools to cone and thread 1/4“, 3/8“ and 9/16“ Medium pressure tubes
3. High Pressure:
Includes tools to cone and thread 1/4“, 3/8“ and 9/16“ High and Ultra High Pressure tubes
What you get:
Carry case with foam organiser inlays
Coning tool, complete
Collet chuck and cutting plate
Threading tool complete and cutting oil
Guide bushings and threading dies
Deburring tool with 2 deburring heads
Step-by-step instructions
L-BoXX tool case in impact-resistant ABS plastic
For further information please see 
Or call 01606 636000
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Automatic Hydrotest Unit

Small but feature packed test unit for API tests.

This compact hydrotest unit from Maximator UK has just been delivered for testing pipeline samples. Whilst it is a compact unit, it packs a punch in terms of specifications within its stainless steel frame.

It is automated with Maximator’s PID hydrotest control system, which includes programmable steps and can set or maintain pressure, vent, wait or loop. It can control ramp rates down to 1 Bar per minute. This makes it suitable for many testing profiles, including API 17B.

Using the built in 7″ VGA colour touch screen, it also includes a data logger which saves test results to a spreadsheet at a user defined sample rate. You can access the spreadsheets from any PC with an ethernet port and cable.

Call us, or email for more details.

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James Full Time For The Summer

First year engineering apprenctice course completed. Congratulations!

James, 17, has completed his first year and is now working with us full time over the summer. “It’s good to have the additional hands at a busy time”, said technician Ricky Wallis. “James has done well in his studies and it’s a good opportunity for him to gain more experience before he goes back to college for his second year”.

Well done, James!