X Tower

X Tower – Another great solution for H2 fuelling systems from Maximator.

The X Tower system is a modular Hydrogen compressor solution for Integrators and manufacturers of H2 refuelling systems.

It is sized for small fleet applications up to 900 Bar and in the 10 to 20 kg/hr range.

The range uses the proven Maximator EHB electro-hydraulic boosters, the same as used in the company’s GFS small fleet size hydrogen compressor systems.

The modules can be mixed and matched to provide a range of pressure and flow options.

The modules are compact and removable for service or exchange.

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Maximator UK Project Engineer Tom French Shows Off The New VP1515 High Pressure Generator Unit.

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Maximator UK Project Engineer Tom French shows off the new VP1515 high pressure generator unit.

Tom, who joined the Cheshire based high pressure specialist in November last year, is pictured with a fleet of equipment for gas assisted moulding, including the new version of the company’s popular high pressure generator unit.

Jon Butler, Maximator MD explained: “Tom has redesigned this unit from the ground up. The previous unit was designed over a decade ago and the new system has many new features, including continuous oxygen monitoring and built in low pressure and high pressure storage. It is designed for easy access for maintenance and is lighter than the previous unit, while still including the ultra durable high pressure compressor and proven Maximator generator cores.”

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Helium Recovery

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Maximator Helium recovery systems give short payback time in leak test systems.

With the huge expansion in cylinder manufacturing for Hydrogen vehicles, there comes a need for leak detection, and Helium is often used for this.

As effective as it is for leak detection systems, Helium is also extremely expensive. Maximator Helium recovery systems are able to recover most of the Helium.

The helium fills a specially made bag. Once the bag is full, a high pressure helium compressor recovers the costly gas into high pressure storage cylinders ready for re-use. Systems come with laser level monitoring and can be equipped with Helium gas analysers.

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Maximator Coning and Threading VFT-ToolBoXX

The MAXIMATOR VFT-ToolBoXX is a threading and coning tool kit in a handy organiser case. Keep all your coning and threading kit organised and ready for action.

The ToolBoXX is available in 3 versions:

1. Complete:

Includes tools to cone and thread 1/4“, 3/8“ and 9/16“ Medium, High and Ultra High Pressure tubes

2. Medium Pressure:

Includes tools to cone and thread 1/4“, 3/8“ and 9/16“ Medium pressure tubes

3. High Pressure:

Includes tools to cone and thread 1/4“, 3/8“ and 9/16“ High and Ultra High Pressure tubes

What you get:

  • Carry case with foam organiser inlays
  • Coning tool, complete
  • Collet chuck and cutting plate
  • Threading tool complete and cutting oil
  • Guide bushings and threading dies
  • Deburring tool with 2 deburring heads
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • L-BoXX tool case in impact-resistant ABS plastic

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Max H2

Maximator UK’s new MaxH2 compact Hydrogen compressors offer customisable and flexible solution.

As more and more companies in the UK develop components, systems and software to support Hydrogen refuelling, there is a growing need for small scale Hydrogen compressor systems tailored for this segment.

These companies need to use Hydrogen at the kinds of pressures seen in refuelling systems, which can be up to 1000 Bar. But these customers don’t need the flow rate (or the huge cost) associated with refuelling stations that are designed to refuel hundreds of vehicles.

The Maximator UK MaxH2 Series is a Gas Compression System, specifically designed for Hydrogen compression up to 1000 bar, with scalable volume flow up to 1kg/hr. We offer tailored systems in many formats and can incorporate additional measures, like cooling and remote monitoring. We can also bundle systems which are suitable for small plant operations such as fork lift fleets, for users that are able to create their own green Hydrogen.

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A Quick Boost For Pressure Testing

These four new compact gas booster stations are headed out to a large customer for marine pressure testing applications.

Rugged and simple to use, they are good for gas testing up to 600 Bar.

Contact us for all testing needs, whether gas, fluid, simple or automated.

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Service For Maximator Pumps And Boosters

Upgraded service facility ready for action.

The Maximator UK Team has been busy updating its service capabilities with an investment in a dedicated service area. Equipped with new air and high pressure gas compressor systems, and with fluid supply and test equipment, our technicians are able to effectively and safely service all Maximator pumps boosters and valves. Maximator technicians will test and verify condition in order to provide costs for service, and will perform final tests and provide service reports.

Available for all Maximator components, including for Oxygen and Hydrogen.
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Vacuum Filling Cart

Minimum Pressure? Yes, we can do that too!!

Maximator is well known for it’s “Maximum Pressure” strap line, but now the Winsford based Maximator UK team has turned their skills to this vacuum filling and testing unit.

Designed to fill and test sub sea valve actuators under vacuum.

While it seems a long way from the “Maximum Pressure” heritage, it also has two Maximator M Pumps for pressure testing.

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Maximator 4 Outlet Gas Booster Station Seals the deal

Maximator 4 outlet gas booster station seals the deal – 

Our customer has 4 labs where they stress their gaskets – at the first step to 20 MPa and then up to 160 MPa.

The test involves load and unload stress levels in increments of 20 MPa each time to a maximum of 160 MPa during which time at each stress stage the test is required to top up back to 160 bar when necessary.

The test is set to run for 3 hours per step using 200bar(g) Grade A Helium.

Maximator were approached to provide a system to feed each of the 4 labs with sufficient gas and maximise the usage of the supply bottles. And this is the result.

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