Max H2

Maximator UK’s new MaxH2 compact Hydrogen compressors offer customisable and flexible solution.

As more and more companies in the UK develop components, systems and software to support Hydrogen refuelling, there is a growing need for small scale Hydrogen compressor systems tailored for this segment.

These companies need to use Hydrogen at the kinds of pressures seen in refuelling systems, which can be up to 1000 Bar. But these customers don’t need the flow rate (or the huge cost) associated with refuelling stations that are designed to refuel hundreds of vehicles.

The Maximator UK MaxH2 Series is a Gas Compression System, specifically designed for Hydrogen compression up to 1000 bar, with scalable volume flow up to 1kg/hr. We offer tailored systems in many formats and can incorporate additional measures, like cooling and remote monitoring. We can also bundle systems which are suitable for small plant operations such as fork lift fleets, for users that are able to create their own green Hydrogen.

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