A Quick Boost For Pressure Testing

These four new compact gas booster stations are headed out to a large customer for marine pressure testing applications.

Rugged and simple to use, they are good for gas testing up to 600 Bar.

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Vacuum Filling Cart

Minimum Pressure? Yes, we can do that too!!

Maximator is well known for it’s “Maximum Pressure” strap line, but now the Winsford based Maximator UK team has turned their skills to this vacuum filling and testing unit.

Designed to fill and test sub sea valve actuators under vacuum.

While it seems a long way from the “Maximum Pressure” heritage, it also has two Maximator M Pumps for pressure testing.

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Maximator 4 Outlet Gas Booster Station Seals the deal

Maximator 4 outlet gas booster station seals the deal – 

Our customer has 4 labs where they stress their gaskets – at the first step to 20 MPa and then up to 160 MPa.

The test involves load and unload stress levels in increments of 20 MPa each time to a maximum of 160 MPa during which time at each stress stage the test is required to top up back to 160 bar when necessary.

The test is set to run for 3 hours per step using 200bar(g) Grade A Helium.

Maximator were approached to provide a system to feed each of the 4 labs with sufficient gas and maximise the usage of the supply bottles. And this is the result.

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Automatic Hydrotest Unit

Small but feature packed test unit for API tests.

This compact hydrotest unit from Maximator UK has just been delivered for testing pipeline samples. Whilst it is a compact unit, it packs a punch in terms of specifications within its stainless steel frame.

It is automated with Maximator’s PID hydrotest control system, which includes programmable steps and can set or maintain pressure, vent, wait or loop. It can control ramp rates down to 1 Bar per minute. This makes it suitable for many testing profiles, including API 17B.

Using the built in 7″ VGA colour touch screen, it also includes a data logger which saves test results to a spreadsheet at a user defined sample rate. You can access the spreadsheets from any PC with an ethernet port and cable.

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Gas Booster Stations

Maximator UK’s Portable Gas Booster Stations are a robust answer to solving your gas transfer or pressure testing needs – The MAXIMATOR high pressure boosters are suitable for the oil free compression of gases and air. Industrial gases like Argon, Helium, Hydrogen and Nitrogen can be compressed
to operating pressures of 2,100 bar (30,000 psi), Oxygen to 350 bar (5,075 psi).
See our range of Gas Booster Stations HERE

Environment Testing System Commissioned

Maximator UK have commissioned and carried out a first test run on an extreme temperature cycling system at a customer in the North of England.
The system is designed to carry out pressure tests up to 450 Bar on high pressure vessels, and cycle temperatures between -50°C and +80°C.
“She behaved beautifully” said Maximator’s Jon Butler. “We have done a few checks and she has phoned home, and the test run went very smoothly.”


Maximator UK Completes Extreme Temperature Testing System

Last week saw this containerised test system leaving Maximator UK for its new home. This system is a fully automatic cyclic test system for testing up to three high pressure vessels with high pressure air at up to 450 Bar. It can also cool down to -50°C and heat up to +80°C.

While it looks like an unassuming blue sea container, its contents are pretty high-tech” said Maximator UK Sales Manager Peter Watts. “You can program in test profiles, load and save them, and the system produces and logs data for analysis”.

Maximator’s Jon Butler added “This was a real technical challenge for us, and -50 is not easy to achieve, but the work has been worthwhile. This is a real achievement for the Maximator UK team”.

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