LGP – Liquified Gas Pumps

The Liquified Gas Pump Best Practice Guide supports our new range of pumps for liqufied gas aimed at refrigerant applications.

Maximator’s new LGP range of pumps has been released by the global high pressure leader. These pumps are available in a range of sizes and pressures and, for the first time, can be specified with flame arresters, for total flexibility when using flammable compounds.

See the guide here or contact us for more information.

GFS Factory Acceptance Test

New Hydrogen system put through its paces for a prestigious UK customer.

Maximator UK’s Jon Butler was in Germany last week carrying out the factory acceptance test of the new GFS9000 three stage Hydrogen refilling station, before delivery of it to a big customer in the UK. “It’s smooth, quiet and efficient. Just what you would expect from Maximator!”, enthused Butler. “This is next-level: The drive is servo-hydraulic, with inverter drives and it has turned out to be even more efficient than we thought”.

Maximator has versions of the system that run up to 900 Bar and 10kg/hr, with a special version for integrators.

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Helium Recovery

Maximator Helium recovery systems give short payback time in leak test systems.
With the huge expansion in cylinder manufacturing for Hydrogen vehicles, there comes a need for leak detection, and Helium is often used for this.
As effective as it is for leak detection systems, Helium is also extremely expensive.
Maximator Helium recovery systems are able to recover most of the Helium.
The helium fills a specially made bag. Once the bag is full, a high pressure helium compressor recovers the costly gas into high pressure storage cylinders ready for re-use.
Systems come with laser level monitoring and can be equipped with Helium gas analysers.
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