New Work Placement Apprentice Builds His First Machine

Our new work placement apprentice has built his first machine!
James, a 16 year old engineering apprentice at Warrington and Vale Royal College, has begun a 22 week placement with us at Winsford fluid systems specialist Maximator.
In only his third week, he has completed and tested his first machine, an air amplifier station. The amplifier station boosts the pressure of air for use in factories where the air compressor doesn’t have enough pressure.
“Under the watchful eye of Ricky, James has completed his first build and we are very proud of him” said Maximator MD Jon Butler. “We are delighted to have James with us. Engineering is my passion and I started my career in a very similar way as an apprentice many years ago. We look forward to helping James start his journey in the engineering world and imparting some of our knowledge”.

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